Our educators are hard-working and loving.

They are all dedicated to creating a safe space for your child to learn, play, and grow. 

Jen Wolf_Head Shot-4204 copy.jpg

Jennifer Wolf


Danielle Flores.jpg

Danielle Flores

Assistant Director

Susan Covington-3567 copy.jpg

Susan Covington

Assistant Director

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Cathy Kibby


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Jo Valdivia

Finance Coordinator

Phyllis Sheetsbw.jpg

Phyllis Sheets

Resource Coordinator


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Miss Celina

Elena Dolphinbw.jpg

Miss Elena

Security ID_s 6.2.20-0405.jpg

Miss Jocelin

Katelyn R bw.jpg

Miss Katelyn

Security ID_s 6.2.20-0403.jpg

Miss Katie

Security ID_s 6.2.20-0414.jpg

Miss Kellie


Janae Hamiltonbw.jpg

Miss Janae

Morgan Sharkey bw.jpg

Miss Morgan

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Miss Janell

Security ID_s 6.2.20-0381.jpg

Miss Breanna

Kamea Watkinsbw.jpg

Miss Kamea


Week Day Preschool Head Shots 9.8.20-Eri

Miss Erin

Security ID_s 6.2.20-0388.jpg

Miss Nancy

Stephanie McWhorter bw.jpg

Miss Stephanie

kaley bw.jpg

Miss Kaley

Weekday Preschool Head Shots-0909 copy.j

Miss Gwen


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Miss Emeli

Frances Duenas bw.jpg

Miss Frances

Cory Sharkey bw.jpg

Miss Cory


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Miss Danna

Weekday Preschool Head Shots-0891.jpg

Miss Ellie


Weekday Preschool Head Shots-0904.jpg

Miss Byrd

Week Day Preschool Head Shots 9.8.20-bar

Miss Barb


Weekday Preschool Head Shots-0893 copy.j

Miss Hannah

Katelyn Prazakbw.jpg

Miss Katelyn

kailey bw.jpg

Miss Kailey

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Miss Patri

mariah bw.jpg

Miss Mariah


Mrs. Harren

mariah bw.jpg

Miss Mariah