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What is our discipline policy?

Redirection is the method of discipline that will be used by our staff. Therefore, if a child is throwing blocks, the teacher will direct the child to the beanbags and say, "You may throw the beanbags, but not the blocks." Older children will also be given reasons why a behavior is not acceptable. Discipline will never be associated with meal time, nap time, or toilet training. When behavioral issures arise, the Weekday Director/Assistant Director will contact the parents to schedule a meeting to discuss the implementation of an Individual Guidance Plan for the child.

What if my child is sent home sick?

If a child is sent home with symptoms (fever, rash, sores, diarrhea, lice, vomiting, pinworms, skin infection, etc.), he/she may not return until symptoms are gone for at least 24 hours. *no child will be accepted back into care in less than 24 hours without a doctor's note stating what the child has and a gaurantee that the child is not contagious

Can you handle cloth diapers?

Yes! We do take children with cloth diapers. These children will need to bring enough cloth diapers for the day. Any soiled cloth diapers are kept in a separate container. At the end of the day, those cloth diapers will be sent home with the parent to be laundered.

Do you accept non-immunized children?

We do take children that are not immunized but in order to enroll, they need to have an immunization exemption form filled out by the family (and the doctor if applicable). Click here to access the form. If we do have an outbreak at the school (measles, mumps, etc.), non-immunized children will not be allowed to attend our school for the incubation period of the virus but you will be required to continue payment to hold your spot during that time. *we do encourage that all children be immunized before entering a group care setting for their health and safety, and the health and safety of the other children in the group care

Will my child be prepared for school?

Yes! Your child will be prepared for school. We use play theory because that is how we believe children learn at this age. Among the many skills our children are learning such as: math skills, science skills and writing skills, the most important skill our children are learning is social emotional skills so they are well prepared to be in a group setting in elementary school. We follow infant toddler guidelines and the AZ Early Learning standards so that our children are ready to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

What if my child is bitten?

We have found the following practices to be helpful in working with children who have displayed challenging behavior. For example, when a child bites another child, we immediately focus on the child who has been bitten. We wash the area and apply an ice pack as we comfort the child. We talk about what has happened and acknowledge that biting hurts! We give hugs and rock until the child feels better and is ready to go back and play. We also help the children find ways to protect themselves that don’t hurt the child who has bitten.

What if my child bites?

The child who has bitten is removed from the area, and takes a break to relax and regain control of their behavior. The child is then redirected to another area of play. We always fill out an incident report for both sets of parents. We will not let you know the name of the children who are involved. This is important to promote confidentially in our child care. Parents of both the child who was bitten and the child who bit will be contacted, either by phone or at pick-up time.